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Musings from a Manic Brain

Steven E Schend
17 May 1967
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10 years as a TSR/Wizards of the Coast wage slave in the editorial and design groups for role-playing games.

12+ years as a freelancer or staff writer/editor at various places, including 3 game companies and two textbook publishers

3 years as a substitute teacher in Port Townsend, WA

Adjunct instructor of storytelling at Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI (Autumn 2006)

Currently working on my third novel, and hoping more are to come. My first novel came out July 12, 2006; my 2nd novel came out September 2, 2008, and I've six short stories in print through Wizards of the Coast and DAW Book.

The lovely Sarah and I got married March 21, 2007.

Now if anyone knows how to write concise book bios, lemme know.....
alan moore, alchemy, ales, alexander lowen, alliterates, ancient egypt, ancient weapons, beer, bioenergetics, book collecting, book reviews, bookbinding, books, bookstores, brainstorming, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, celtic mysticism, celtic shamanism, chaos magic, charles de lint, comics, conspiracy theories, cooking, creativity, d&d, deep tissue massage, dolphins, dungeons and dragons, ed greenwood, edgar rice burroughs, editing, energy work, england, fantasy, fantasy fiction, fantasy movies, fiction, fight club, firefly, forgotten realms, game industry, games, gaming, genre fiction, george r.r. martin, george rr martin, ghosts, grant morrison, graphic novels, green, guinness, h.g. wells, hawks, history, home brewing, horror films, inklings, intelligent conversation, j. michael straczynski, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jeff grubb, jim marrs, joss whedon, katherine kurtz, left-wing politics, legion of super-heroes, liberal politics, libraries, literary fiction, literature, log cabins, lord of the rings, magic, mark twain, mary shelley, massage, michael chabon, michael harner, mythology, national public radio, neil gaiman, neopaganism, nina kiriki hoffman, old books, old hollywood, old houses, old movies, paganism, pagans, pirates, popcorn press, power animals, publishing, reading, redheads, roald dahl, robert e howard, role-playing games, rpgs, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, science fiction & fantasy, science fiction movies, scotch, scotland, secret history, secret rooms, sex, shakespeare, shamanism, small press books, smart people, snow, speculative fiction, spicy food, spirituality, stags, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, subterranean press, tattoos, the invisibles, the onion, tim powers, transmetropolitan, umberto eco, walking, warren ellis, whiskey, wine, writers' letters and journals, writing, x-files, young adult literature